PhD and MPhil

Dr. Thilan Wickramaarachchi


Immuno and molecular epidemiology of Plasmodium vivax asexual erythrthocytic stage antigens of Sri Lanka

Dr. Prasad Premaratne


Strain specific immunity to the Duffy Binding Protein of Plasmodium vivax in Sri Lanka

Dr. Sajani Dias


Strain specific immunity to Asexual Erythrocytic Stage Antigens of Plasmodium vivax in Sri Lanka

Dr. Chamini Kanatiwela


Establishment and Validation of molecular and immunodiagnostics for theWeligama coconut leaf wilt in Sri Lanka

Dr. Varuni Gunathilaka


Taxonomic identification, immunopharmacological and toxicological study of Haliclone (Soestell) sp., a marine sponge species from Sri Lanka

Dr. Uthpala Jayawardhana


Toxic effects of heavy metals, xenobiotics on Euphlyctis hexadactylus (Indian green frog) in a polluted urban wetland, Bellanwila Attidiya sanctuary in Sri Lanka

Dr. Chanika Jayasinghe


Investigations on hematological & anti-inflammatory potential, toxicity andphytochemistry of Mature Leaf Concentrate of Caric apapaya L tested in a Murine Model

Dr. Suraj Gunawardhana (Co-Supervision)


Development and validation of miniSTR typing capabilities to aid in the analysis of degraded DNA evidence in

Sri Lankan forensic casework


Dr. Vindya Udalamaththa


Proliferative, differentiation and toxicological effects ofselected herbal /sponge extracts tested onin house established mesenchymal and hematopoietic stem cell lines

Dr. Asanga Wathupola


High Risk Human Papilloma Viral infections & the risk of developing oral and oropharyngeal cancer: Immuno and Molecular epidemiologic evidence from Sri Lanka

Dr. Nelum Wickramasinghe (Co-Supervision)


Patterns of drivers of diversification in a ‘great speciation’ lineage (Zosterops white-eyes) in the tropical continental

island of Sri Lanka